Schalast | Sustainability

Schalast has been certified as a climate-neutral company

Schalast was certified as a climate-neutral company in March 2020. You can find the certificate here. The previous audit showed that good to very good values were achieved, particularly in the areas of electricity consumption, commuting and business trips. Climate Extender's recommendations for introducing a job bike and converting the vehicle fleet to more e-mobility are already being implemented.

Schalast supports the following UN Goals for Sustainable Development as part of the certification: Affordable and clean energy, dissent work and economic growth, sustainable cities as well as community and climate action. Schalast is determined to continue its sustainability initiative. Schalast is also receiving support from Multilaw, its Tier 1 network (, which for the first time announced a sustainability award for members in 2020 and which is itself striving to become the leading “Green Law Firm Network.” Schalast's next goal on this path to becoming a sustainable company is certification according to: ISO 26000:2010 (