Celebrities, athletes, musicians, actors, influencers, politicians, board members and other prominent people - i.e. people in public life - are in the headlines and thus exposed to completely different situations than private individuals. SCHALAST helps you avoid the pitfalls and defend yourself against legal violations.

A careless post on social media channels can make waves and quickly lead to hostility. Even untrue reporting or illegally produced film and photo recordings can permanently damage public figures’ honor and reputation.

For many years we have represented celebrities from all areas of public life in all legal matters and know how to defend them against such legal violations and reputational damage - in and out of court. Because processes themselves create a new public, we have also established a network of competent consultants, with whose support this new public can be used and reputational damage prevented.

Current topics

Print, radio, TV

Anyone who is in public knows that: A photo taken at a moment not intended for the public; a headline that is not true; a report of the most intimate details. When reporting about public figures, reasonable limits are quickly exceeded and rights are violated.

But they are not defenseless. Claims for injunction and revocation as well as a counter statement are available to you. Claims for compensation and damages also come into consideration We help you protect your rights and enforce your claims, if necessary also in court.

Social media

In addition to traditional media such as print, TV and radio, social media are increasingly shaping our everyday life - they have even created new professions. Influencers there use their strong coverage and high reputation to market products, services or even lifestyles. Celebrities and people under public law also use their presence on social media to develop new sponsorship opportunities or exert political influence.

Retail trade as well as manufacturing and service companies are increasingly relying on influencer marketing. However, with increased scope and associated public, the competition is looking particularly closely - with sponsored posts, product placements and similar marketing concepts, warnings are imminent. In addition to the actual marketing activity, it is also important to design profile pages, content as well as agency and cooperation agreements in a legally secure manner. Thus, there is a lot to consider.

Your business

That the media world is a shark tank is nothing new. Artists, especially from the areas of print, TV and radio, are confronted every day with numerous challenges that actually have nothing to do with their core activity. Be it guest appearances on TV shows, newspaper interviews, or negotiating agency and sponsorship contracts - this not only needs to be done, but also legally secured.

This is where we come into play and support public figures in negotiating contracts of all kinds (be it in the field of film, TV, social media, press, or agency and cooperation agreements), organizing competitions and founding a company. Ifhe former partners do not keep their contracts, we will enforce your rights in court. So that you can concentrate fully on your business!

Your creations

Not only your personality, but also creations, business ideas and other intellectual property are your capital and the basis of your business model. These fundamentals need to be protected and exploited.

Companies want to be founded, trademarks registered and copyrights licensed. We support you in all questions of trademark; design and copyright law; negotiating contracts with agencies, publishers or cooperation partners and support you should you want to sell your rights portfolio.

NFT / tokenization

"Content is king." This sentence by Bill Gates from 1996 has lost none of its validity to this day. In connection with Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), this statement has been carried over into the 21st century. Using NFT - based on the blockchain idea - one-time digital "proof of ownership" of intangible assets (e.g. pictures, videos, music) can be created. These NFTs stand for the digital ownership of a certain good. In contrast to the specific good (for example a work of art as a JPEG file), which can be reproduced as often as required, is unique to the NFT - which usually has a positive effect on its value.

In order to successfully market NFT, a large number of legal questions must be clarified before the content is tokenized. This goes through copyright issues (which usage rights are required? Is it a new type of use?) From regulatory requirements to the design of smart contracts in order also to be protected in the event of a resale. Our cross-practice Task Force "Tokenization" can rely on a broad basis of experience and will be happy to support you!

How can SCHALAST support celebrities and other public figures?

We can look back on many years of expertise in celebrity consulting: Our clientèle includes numerous musicians, TV chefs and other celebrities, but also owners of several national and international large social media accounts.

We do not lose sight of our clients’ entrepreneurial perspective: We advise, accompany and design holistically. As a commercial law firm, this is a matter of course for us.

We are aware that personal advice and relationships with clients are extremely important, especially in the sensitive area of celebrity advice. We therefore ensure the contact person always remains the same if requested, even when advising in other areas (e.g. labor law, company law or the notary's office)!