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Work Life Purpose

We offer flexible working models that allow to plan lives as individually as possible. In addition, we cooperate with the pme family service to provide support when it comes to finding childcare, for example.
At the same time, we encourage you to bring your interests to Schalast. This applies not only to our joint events, such as our retreats. We also have a tradition of volunteering. Perhaps you would like to get involved in sustainability or pro bono work, for example - we give our employees up to two days off a year to volunteer.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

We are dedicated to fostering a culture of diversity, equality, and inclusion (DEI) within our organization. We believe that diversity in all its forms enriches our work, enhances our perspectives, and strengthens our ability to serve our clients effectively. We recognize that diversity extends beyond visible differences such as race, gender, age, ethnicity, and disability, encompassing diverse thoughts, beliefs, and experiences. We are committed to ensuring equal opportunities for all individuals within our organization, regardless of their background or identity. We promote an inclusive work environment where every voice is heard, valued, and respected.

New Work

For us, New Work means teamwork that links on-site work and digital options. And we make sure that you have the best conditions for this, both on site at our five locations and online in the mobile office.

Free drinks, fresh fruit and on-site mail service are just as much a part of our daily work as a flexible IT structure with digital files and connections to modern legal tech tools.

We live our team spirit with events on site as well as digitally. Our Competence Lunches, for example, at which legal trainees and research assistants speak on current topics, are particularly popular.

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