Schalast | Social Commitment

Schalast Community Engagement is based on three pillars:

1. Our Kids

In the course of our work on transformation consulting and the establishment of a constitutional state in Eastern Europe, we became aware that there are also losers in the process of change, especially disadvantaged children. For this reason, we have been supporting the Our Kids project for more than ten years, which helps so-called "street kids" in Ukraine to reintegrate into society. After the FAZ presented Our Kids three years ago as part of its annual Christmas charity project "Readers Help", we have also regularly supported this campaign since then. In Corona Year 2020, these are the two Frankfurt projects „Starke Bande" and „Loki" (local, low-threshold crisis intervention in Frankfurt). (LINK).

2. Pro Bono

Pro Bono consulting is not yet known in Germany, in contrast to the Anglo-American world and beyond, and is also subject to legal restrictions. For ten years, we have therefore been a member of Pro Bono Deutschland e.V., where leading law firms have joined forces with the purpose of promoting civic engagement in the area of free pro bono legal advice for good causes, especially charitable causes. Central concerns here are social justice, democracy and the rule of law.

3. Collaboration in non-profit/charitable organizations

Schalast has also been involved in charitable initiatives for many years. Particularly noteworthy is the initiative to found Deutsche Kreditmarkt-Standards e.V., which is increasingly becoming a German Loan Market Association. Furthermore, Schalast has also supported the tri lingual Erasmus Schule since its foundation. 

4. Girls' office Milena

Since 2016, Schalast has been supporting Mädchenbüro Milena, a recognized provider of voluntary youth welfare services. The goal of the girls' office is to integrate girls and women, with and without a refugee background. The founders of the association, consisting of seven migrant women with seven different nationalities, all grew up in Frankfurt a.M. and today put their pedagogical passion and competence into enabling migrant women to participate and empowering them.

Together with and for women and girls, the Girls' Office offers educational, cultural and recreational activities with grassroots working methods that are geared to the concerns of women and girls. People with and without a refugee background are offered support through the work of Milena to build a new existence in Frankfurt.

5. Franziskustreff Frankfurt

Since 2021, Schalast has been supporting the Franziskustreff Frankfurt in the form of pro bono consulting and donations. The Franziskustreff offers a meeting point for daily breakfast for poor and homeless people in the Capuchin monastery Liebfrauen in Frankfurt/M. The Franziskustreff provides full breakfast for homeless and poor fellows in downtown Frankfurt/ M. Our small guest room has only 32 seats. Every day up to 160 guests enjoy the meal, in wintertime they find a warm place to stay and throughout the year they enjoy the warmth of Franciscan hospitality. On the occasion of Christmas 2021, which brought great challenges especially for homeless people in times of pandemic, Schalast donated two days of serving breakfast to the Franziskustreff.