Schalast | Banking & Finance

Banking and financial markets law is one of our law firm’s core practice areas, with Professor Schalast’s and Professor Walter’s teaching activities at the Frankfurt School of Finance & Management and IU International University facilitating a special link between theory and practice when advising and representing clients.

Our law firm’s specialists advise and represent clients on banking law issues and regulatory issues concerning banks. Our clients include banks, financial services providers and securities trading companies, and enterprises.

Our legal services in the area of banking and financial markets law focus on the following:


Advice and representation in connection with banking and financial services, insurance and securities supervision law, in particular with respect to the setting-up of banks and enterprises subject to supervision.


Advising companies who provide (often online) banking and insurance-related services and pursue such business models (“FinTech” companies).


Advice in connection with project and other financing, in particular on syndicated loans.


Advice and representation in connection with the restructuring of typical banking transactions, in particular loan agreements and portfolios.


Advice on passing on credit risks (direct and derivative), e.g. true sales, promissory note loans, credit linked notes, credit default swaps etc.).


Advice in connection with transactions involving claims and collateral (e.g., performing, sub-performing or non-performing loan transactions).


Advice on compliance issues and the review and drafting of compliance guidelines.


Advising banks, financial services providers and securities trading companies on the drafting of their documentation, prospectuses and sample contracts and conditions.


Advice and representation in connection with issues competition, antitrust and sales law, which are becoming increasingly important for banks in particular.


Advice and representation in out-of-court, court and/or arbitration disputes (banking litigation), in particular with respect to liability issues which may result from advising customers.


Advising corporate bodies of enterprises subject to supervision, in particular in connection with liability issues.

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