Schalast | Electronics & Machine Engineering

Schalast has been providing continuous and comprehensive consulting ser-vices to companies in the electrical and mechanical engineering industries for many years. These include, in particular, internationally active manufacturers and system suppliers.

Schalast advises companies in the electrical and mechanical engineering sectors in particular in the areas of:

  • General corporate law as well as group law (national and international), in particular in connection with the establishment and/or reorganization of the corporate structure
  • Corporate finance, including in connection with (re-)financing in the form of bonds, profit participation rights/profit sharing certificates and securitizations
  • Advising the management bodies, also in connection with group law issues
  • General commercial law, in particular commercial contracts as well as subcontracting agreements, logistics and distribution agreements, with special consideration of antitrust issues
  • Issues of national and international sales law warranty and liability law and product liability
  • Purchase and sale of companies or shareholdings, also as part of a (planned) exit or in the form of a buy-and-build strategy as parts of corporate expansion
  • Issues related to IT/IP, data protection, governance and compliance as well as individual and collective labor law
  • Development of innovative structures in the area of e-commerce, especially structures for supply chain financing, including finetrading and reverse factoring models up to models in combination with own fulfillment and warehousing solutions. Development of models in the logistics area for returns and overstock
  • International corporate law structuring issues
  • Labor law issues, especially with a view to banking supervisory issues, such as against the backdrop of the Institutsvergütungsverordnung (Remuneration Ordinance for Institutions)
  • Complexes of competition law and law of expression
  • Legal regulations in connection with IT systems of banks, in particular also with regard to the drafting of contracts in compliance with supervisory regulations and the administrative practice of the supervisory authorities
  • Issues relating to various, particularly valuable collateral assets, especially real estate, aircraft and ships
  • Dispute resolution, whether in disputes between different banks or with other third parties before all state and institutional courts and before (also international) arbitration tribunals, in particular also vis-à-vis banking super-visory authorities
  • Projects related to companies that provide - often web-enabled - banking and insurance-related services and pursue business models (so-called FinTech companies)