Schalast | Dispute Resolution

Handling and solving conflicts have been constantly changing in recent years. On the one hand as a result of the fact that proceedings have become more complex, regardless of whether these take place before national courts or arbitral tribunals. On the other hand, however, this is also due to the fact that the international interconnection has increased and – not least due to increasing internationalisation – additional conflict resolution procedures are becoming increasingly established.

Schalast Law | Tax has many years of experience both in litigation and – also international – arbitration proceedings.

We advise German and foreign clients on the thorough investigation of complex commercial issues, including the successful assertion of their interests both in and out of court.

Commercial disputes are often extremely complex and can have a serious impact on clients. They therefore require competent and efficient legal representation, which is ensured by Schalast Law | Tax.

The close links of our Dispute Resolution practice group with our other practice groups, which are primarily driven by substantive law, leads to a high degree of competency both with respect to the litigation itself and the handling of the issues which are relevant in the specific case.

We are aware that many of our clients are active in more than one jurisdiction and that disputes often involve the laws of several countries.

Together with our partner law firms in the international network Multilaw, we are often involved in cross-border proceedings, whether before national and institutional courts or international arbitral tribunals.

Our law firm’s lawyers – in particular Prof. Dr. Christoph Schalast and Prof. Dr. Andreas Walter – also frequently act as arbitrators and mediators