Since the beginning of the 20th century, painting has repeatedly been declared dead. Nevertheless, it is perhaps even more than ever at the center of the discourse on contemporary art. The exhibition presents four international artistic positions from different generations, whose work continues to explore the possibilities of the medium of painting. What they have in common is not only a preference for special textile fabrics as a carrier and design element. Based on the physical certainty that color and form are inseparable, they have also all developed a captivating oeuvre in the field of tension between color and form that lives from fine observations.

The group exhibition 4 GENERATIONS OF PAINTING AFTER PAINTING is the 6th exhibition that Strelow / Walter Artprojects curated for the art series WE.DO.ART of Schalast Law / Tax.

On display are works by artists Artjom Chepovetskyy, Victor Sanovec, Minh Dung Vu and Herbert Warmuth.

You can find the current catalog of the exhibition for download as PDF here.