Schalast | Healthcare Compliance

Today, achieving compliance extends beyond merely sidestepping liability risks and financial losses. A robust compliance management system (CMS) is crucial not just for industrial and distribution firms but is particularly vital for hospitals and other healthcare organisations, which face a myriad of liability-related responsibilities.

Leveraging our extensive industry experience and legal expertise, we assist our clients in pinpointing risks and continually refining their CMS to align with the latest legal and economic standards. We focus on proactively integrating these systems within their businesses, drawing upon their unique corporate culture and existing regulations.

Even the most rigorous preventative strategies cannot assure complete immunity from compliance breaches. This is why we extend our support to clients during crisis situations as well. Regularly, this involves clarifying circumstances (potentially through internal investigations) to prevent reputational damage to the organisation.

Our compliance consultancy services encompass the legal drafting of collaboration agreements between healthcare professionals and the industry, alongside the drafting of standard contracts and documents, such as Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for specific processes. Furthermore, we provide training for staff, with a particular focus on compliance officers.

Our Compliance advice also covers the following areas, among others:

      • Corporate Governance -  Supply Chain Due Diligence Act and Whistleblower Protection Act
      • Internal investigations
      • ESG Compliance
      • Money laundering prevention
      • IT & Data Protection Compliance
      • Compliance under laws pertaining to cartels
      • Energy Compliance