Schalast | Sports and Entertainment

Athletes and artists, especially in the fields of print, TV and radio, are confronted daily with numerous challenges that actually have nothing to do with their core activities. Be it guest appearances in TV shows, a newspaper interview, or the negotiation of agency and sponsoring contracts - all of this not only needs to be taken care of, but also legally secured.

This is where we come in. We support public figures in negotiating contracts of any kind (e.g. in the field of film, TV, social media, press, or agency and cooperation contracts), organizing raffles or founding a company. And if the former partners do not honor their contracts after all, we will enforce your rights in court. So that you can fully concentrate on your business!

Not only your personality, but also works, business ideas and other intellectual property are your capital and the basis of your business model. These foundations need to be protected and exploited.

Companies need to be founded, trademarks registered and copyrights licensed. We support you in all questions of trademark, design and copyright law, negotiate contracts with agencies, publishers or cooperation partners and assist you if you want to sell your rights portfolio.